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Words of Wisdom for Mothers

I love social media. It affords me the opportunity to connect with some super cool people. We all find ourselves scrolling down pages, hitting the like button randomly then moving on. However, there are the rare times when you come across a post, read it and instantly feel a connect, a vibe, a soul touch that came to you precisely at the very moment you needed it. Coincidence? I think not. The following post is from a special woman that I felt that connection with immediately. Like many of us, we have Facebook friends we don’t know personally. Maybe we are acquainted or we are a friend of a friend. That doesn’t matter. Words are powerful and if you don’t believe you affect people with the words you use then you are dead wrong. I am sharing her words in hopes that it inspires you as it has me, reminds you that we have an obligation to each other and with that comes purpose. Great advice and I so love and appreciate it. Thank you, Liz De Leon for your words of wisdom.

Posted on Mother’s Day 2020

Winding down on this beautiful Mother’s Day weekend. Some thoughts for all the moms out there. Not apologizing for the length of this...you can do it.

1-Give yourself some GRACE. Let’s be honest...these past 8 weeks haven’t been so awesome or amazing. They have been challenging, hard, pull your hair out, upside down-inside out kinda days. BUT THAT’S OK....We don’t have to be perfect!! We DON’T have to be that working mom who’s on Zoom calls ALL day then teaches your kids science/math/art/writing in between calls and cooks’ dinner by 5 everyday moms. I had been adhering to this for weeks and finally told myself—enough was enough!! Give yourself some GRACE and REST. Your MIND and BODY will thank you.

2-Surround yourself with people who LOVE and INVEST in you and deeply care for you as a person, friend, mom, wife, newly appointed teacher. Hold onto those people like your life line. CHECK on them. TEXT them. CALL them. Most importantly PRAY for them. I have a group of friends, including my awesome husband, who check on me constantly throughout these days and weeks. It might be a funny meme (Lord knows I love a great Tiger King meme) or a quick check, or a “how can I pray for you” moment. Whatever it might be....it truly means something to my heart and gives me the energy to keep going and navigate these odd days. It’s through these best friends, that spoke truth to me about giving myself some GRACE. So, check on people! Check on other moms around you! Check on your coworkers, neighbors, that mom you see walking her 4 kids every day on the green belt outside your window. You never know when another mom just needs a quick check and a smile. Like my Connection Pastor says “LOVE PEOPLE”.

3-Keep your eyes, mind, heart on the Lord. Recognize that He can give you the peace, understanding, love and calm in those insane crazy moments. Pray for your kids. Pray WITH your kids. Pray Jesus gives you the words, thoughts and love to get through the unbelievable days when you just can’t go another minute. Give up all the angst and stress, He’s got you!!!

Several weeks ago, I honestly didn’t know how I was going to function as a working mom, TERRIBLE new teacher, wife and friend. I started to really doubt that I was equip to handle much more than my “normal” routine. I spiraled down this self-doubt, angry, anxiety ridden path that I have never experienced or had in my life. With GRACE, LOVE FROM FRIENDS/FAMILY, and GOD I made it and will continue to make it!!!! Thank you, Lord!!

I don’t know who needed to hear this but this was on my heart all day. When I shared it this morning with somebody, I love deeply I realized that other moms might need a little inspiration today.

See,didn't I tell you this post was incredible?

Lean on your people. And let the ones who love you know that you love them too! We are in this world, this crazy situation and all that goes with it to help each other. I am thankful for people like Liz and others who walk the path of serving others but also as a reminder to take care of ourselves! #LetsMoveForward #LeeAnnLarkan


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